Street Self Defense
Fight To Survive

Training at Street Self Defense includes; Self-protection training for males and females. Training Programs are also available for Security Personnel, Law Enforcement, Military, Close Protection Agents/Bodyguards, Club Security/Bouncers.

Training offered consists of;

Legal use of force. Hand to hand combat. Armed combat (Edged and Impact weapons training). Improvised and spontaneous weapons training. Psychological training to remain calm under adrenal stress (A.S.R. training). Weapon retention. Multiple Threats. Ambush Attacks. Ground Combat. Verbal Deescalation, Avoidance and Prevention Methods are trained within the subject of Conflict Management. Scenario training with simulations of violent attacks/assaults with examples taken from past incidents. The Most Common Attacks and Assaults. Most plausible attacks and assaults based on past assessments of crime scenes and criminals in the subjects of forensic psychology, criminal psychology, criminology and victimology. Study of the types of violence and violent criminals. Firearms, Edged Weapons and other toxic/hazardous weapons (chemicals, acids, needles) threat survival training. Legal Restraints and Detaining methods for individuals whose professions demand it.

Customized courses and Specialty training also offered for those with unique requirements.

Training offered for civilians is simple and direct to the point. Training offered for professionals is in-depth on the subject of violence.

It is the individual's responsibility to use what they train in, with proper care and discretion. We provide the tools, the proper way and explain the appropriate time to utilize them, you make the ultimate choice of using them.